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This scarf collection is made of double-sided silk twill so you can be recognized from all 360 degrees.
# All prices are in NIS,  for currency converter please check online.

Unforgettable encounters, gestures of love and old romance are the start of our story.

We re-celebrate the thrill of meeting a new person, or seeing an old friend after spending time apart.

Our very own Moments, our quirks, the little marks of identification that imply: it's me! Orange sunsets, tiny details, the music begins: Now I will see your smile.

This collection is a song of praise for reuniting with people we care about, for a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, for love letters, for a phone call that makes you blush.

Our scarves try to give an answer, one of many, to a question - BUT HOW WILL I RECOGNIZE YOU?

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